About Prevar

Prevar is an incorporated New Zealand-registered joint venture company with shareholders:

Apple and Pear Australia [45%] logo-apal
Pipfruit New Zealand [45%] pipfruit_nz
Plant and Food Research [10%] grapeday-pfr-logo
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Prevar’s Purpose

Prevar was established to globally commercialise the new apple and pear cultivars bred in New Zealand by crown research organisation Plant and Food Research [PFR] in such a manner that will assist Australian and New Zealand growers to achieve sustainable …

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Prevar’s ’3C’ Business Model


New cultivars are exclusively bred [Created] by Plant & Food Research under contract to Prevar.


The new cultivars are globally tested by the Associated International Group of Nurseries [AIGN] throughout the world under contract to Prevar. …

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Prevar’s Breeding Objectives

1. High flavour characters in apples

Super sweet apples [soluble solids concentrations 17% with range of acidity]

2. Durable in-plant resistance to major pests and diseases

Cultivars that can be sustainably grown in low management systems thereby adding value by …

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