Sweetie™ brand PremA280 apple cultivar

This apple is a sweet, very attractive, large, and earlier maturing apple that ripens slightly before Royal Gala under NZ growing conditions. It has good fruit size and an attractive slightly conical shape.

Harvest: Early February in Hawkes Bay, NZ
Size: Larger than Royal Gala -180 average fruit size
Flesh: Cream, firmer than Royal Gala
Flavour: Sweet, low acidity


Smitten® brand PremA17 apple cultivar


This apple is differentiated through amazing firm texture, early harvest, excellent storage life and full sweet rich sub-acid flavour.

Harvest: Early February in Hawkes Bay, NZ
Size: Medium, similar to Royal Gala
Flesh: White, very firm off the tree and in storage
Flavour: Rich, full flavour, mellowing in coolstorage


Honeymoon® brand PremA153 apple cultivar

This apple is differentiated through its elongated shape and yellow colour, firm texture and full flavour. The apple is highly productive, large fruit size, golden with an attractive blush [under NZ conditions but may not appear in other growing environments]. The fruit is conical in shape, with a crisp and juicy texture.

NZ Harvest: Early March – late Royal Gala harvest
Size: Large, average count 80-100
Flesh: White, dense texture
Flavour: Rich full flavour, sweet, moderate acidity


Rockit® brand PremA96 apple cultivar

This cultivar is exclusively licensed to the Havelock North Fruit Company in NZ who also own the Rockit® trademark.


PremA96 is a naturally small apple with an attractive appearance and high internal quality. These attributes coupled with a funky brand and unique packaging have enabled the licensee to successfully and uniquely position this apple in the snack food category.

NZ Harvest: Mid-March
Size: Small- 80 to 100g
Flesh: White, firm, crisp texture
Flavour: Balanced, sweet with low acidity


Velvetine® brand PremP33 pear cultivar

This large, long pyriform shaped pear is differentiated through its velvet smooth texture and rich full flavour. Under NZ conditions it is partially russeted over a camouflage green background. It has a long harvest window with extended storage and shelf-life without major effects on fruit disorders and eating quality.

NZ Harvest: Late March early April
Size: Large – 250g plus
Flesh: Juicy, creamy and buttery [conditioned]
Flavour: Sweet, 15 -17% SS, slightly acidic/astringent skin


Piqa® brand interspecific pears



Piqa® brand fruits are conventional hybrids of European, Japanese and Chinese pears. They have interesting and novel flavours, some of which have not been found in pears before including, tropical fruit, tropical pear, melon, coconut and plum as well as recognizable European pear flavours. Acid levels are generally low or are balanced with high sweetness. These attributes are often maintained over a long cold air storage and shelf life, for some up to six months followed by three weeks’ shelf life respectively.

Piqa® brand fruits also combine attractive colours and shapes with high eating quality; fruit appearance is critical in the modern marketplace so new cultivars need to be both attractive and distinctive in order to compete successfully with traditional cultivars. Piqa® brand fruits are ‘ready to eat’ at harvest.


PIQA®BOO® brand PremP009 pear cultivar

This cultivar is a third generation interspecific pear of complex pedigree. The fruit have a short pyriform shape with a block red colour and small brown lenticels. At harvest fruit are crisp and juicy, low acidity, slightly sweet. A characteristic ‘WBC’ flavour develops in fruit during cold storage Fruit appear to have low susceptibility to friction induced discolouration (scuff).and mature in NZ typically in late February to early March, 1 to 2 weeks earlier than ‘Comice’.


PremP109 pear cultivar

Exclusively Licensed to AIGN®

This attractive Chinese: Japanese pear cross is sweet and juicy, spherical in shape and of moderate size. It has excellent storage and shelf life performance.

NZ Harvest: Late February /early March
Size: Medium- Large
Flesh: Crisp and juicy with a slight coarse texture
Flavour: Mild, sweet