Prevar™ releases new 'Sweetie' apple variety

Prevar™ releases new

Fri 19 Aug 2005

Prevar™ Limited today announced the release of an exciting new apple variety called Sweetie™ Prem1A cv for the New Zealand pipfruit industry.

Sweetie™ Prem1A cv produces an attractive, large, earlier maturing apple that ripens slightly before Royal Gala. Good flavour, texture and fruit size make Sweetie™ a very good replacement for Royal Gala and Gala varieties.

Prevar™ is the international joint venture company established to globally commercialise new apple and pear varieties emanating from the HortResearch pipfruit breeding programme. According to Chief Executive, Dr Brett Ennis, "the commercial release of Sweetie™ Prem1A cv is a significant first release for Prevar™. We plan to release this variety in other global regions once we have completed our assessment programme".

Prevar™ joint venture partners include: Pipfruit New Zealand, representing the New Zealand pipfruit industry, Apple and Pear Australia Limited, representing Australian pipfruit growers, the Associated International Group of Nurseries, a global network of nursery companies located in many of the world's major fruit production areas that has developed particular expertise in the management of new fruit varieties, and HortResearch a globally respected fruit science company.

Sweetie™ Prem1A cv will be available on "open release" from the New Zealand Fruit Tree Company (NZFTC) who are the NZ based member of the Associated International Group of Nurseries.

According to John Morton, General Manager of the NZFTC, Sweetie™ Prem1A cv trees will soon be available for planting. "We expect strong interest but regrettably tree numbers are currently limited" according to John, "but we are happy to receive orders and answer any enquiries that orchardists may have. This variety is a personal favourite of mine and I have high expectations for its commercial potential".

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