New apple packs health punch

New apple packs health punch

Mon 20 Mar 2006

Auckland, New Zealand, 20 March 2006 - A stunning new red-fleshed apple, packed with health-promoting antioxidants, could soon redefine the way consumers and industry perceive the perfect fruit.

New Zealand-based fruit science company HortResearch today unveiled a new apple which carries the fruit's traditional rosy colouring right to the core.

From the outside the apple looks like almost any other, but bite into or slice it and the fruit's rich red flesh is revealed - given its unique colour by a high concentration of anthocyanin - an antioxidant known to offer human health benefits.

HortResearch's work on new apple colours is well known in the science community, and while photographs of the fruit have appeared in scientific literature, little public information has been made available about how the fruit was created, or how close it may be to the market.

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