About Us

Prevar’s Purpose

Prevar was established to globally commercialise the new apple and pear cultivars bred in New Zealand by crown research organisation Plant and Food Research [PFR] in such a manner that will assist Australian and New Zealand growers to achieve sustainable profits from the new cultivars. This will require complementary Northern Hemisphere commercialization to provide market demand, achieve critical mass and brand investment. Prevar exclusively contracts with Plant & Food Research to undertake the apple and pear breeding with Prevar determining the cultivar breeding themes.

About Prevar

Prevar is an incorporated New Zealand-registered joint venture company with shareholders:

Apple and Pear Australia [45%] logo-apal
Pipfruit New Zealand [45%] pipfruit_nz
Plant and Food Research [10%] grapeday-pfr-logo

Prevar’s ’3C’ Business Model


New cultivars are exclusively bred [Created] by Plant & Food Research under contract to Prevar.


The new cultivars are globally tested by the Associated International Group of Nurseries [AIGN] throughout the world under contract to Prevar. AIGN also protect commercialized cultivars by plant patent in Prevar’s name. Prevar owns the associated trademarks. Collectively this is Prevar’s intellectual property [IP Capture].


Prevar grants licenses to grow market and sell a cultivar using the IP [Commercialization]. Competitive advantage including the first rights to plant a new cultivar is provided to New Zealand and Australian growers.

Prevar’s Breeding Objectives

1. High flavour characters in apples

Super sweet apples. [soluble solids concentrations >17% with range of acidity]

2.Durable in-plant resistance to major pests and diseases

Cultivars that can be sustainably grown in low management systems thereby adding value by addressing consumer concerns for “safer” and “healthier” fruit.

3. Red flesh in apple

Novel character with perceived health benefit linked to red pigment concentrations in the fruit.

4. Interspecific Pears

Unique interspecific pears. [Asian and European] also with secondary flavours [e.g. nut, pineapple, citrus, stonefruit, coconut]